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Their mountaine is fowerteene miles much time, and almost eight kilometers broad

Their mountaine is fowerteene miles much time, and almost eight kilometers broad

Brand new populace is actually wealthier and you may a bit best apparelled they from other mountaines, & possesse high shop from ponies. Corne it yeeldeth in abundance : neither certainly are the anybody limited to pay any higher tribute, by need away from an excellent certaine holy son buried within Bedis, and you can borne vpon so it mountaine.169 Of mount Beni Chelid.

Vpon that it mountaine dwelleth one to entitled Sidi Heli Berrased, becoming lord ouer many mountaines

Y so it mountaine lieth the fresh large means out of Bedis in order to Fez. It is an excellent verie cool lay, and you may containeth great store from timber and fountaines. It yeeldeth no corne, however, vines onely. The new people getting subiect towards gouernour out of Bedis, try from the need from continuall exactions so impouerished, that they’re faine in order to deprive and you may steale due to their liuing.160

Out of mount Beni Mansor. Their mountaine extendeth seven miles, updates a keen equall distance throughout the sea towards mountaines aforesaid. Brand new populace try valiant and you can stout some one, however, too much addicted to drunkennes. Drink they haue great shop, and but nothing corne. Their women keepe goates and you can spinne vpon the fresh distaffe each other on one time : vast majority regarding who does not reject the fresh new unethical business of every man.161 Off attach Beni Ioseph. The guy length of which mountaine is twelue kilometers, plus the bredth on 7 kilometers. The fresh people is actually poore, and you will basely apparelled : none haue they any corne but panicke, whereof they generate blacke and most vnsauorie bread. It liue including vpon onions, and you will garlike. Their fountaines was verie muddie. They haue great shop from goates, the new milke whereof they keepe as a lot of beloved procedure.102 Regarding install Beni Zaruol. Pon this mountaine are great store away from vines, oliues, or any other fruites. This new inhabitants try poore unhappy some one, are subiect with the gouernour of Seusaoen, just who exacteth so great tribute in the its handes, that all that they normally scratch and also have out of the mountaine have a tendency to hardly maintaine him or her. Euery weeke it haue a letter.arket, wherein there’s nothing are solde, but onely dried figs, raisins, and oile. At exactly the same time it vse so you’re able to kill their hee and you can shee goats, whoever flesh is so vnsauorie, this cannot be consumed, vnlesse it is deep-fried.163

Of attach Curved Razin. His mountaine bordereth vpon the new Mediterran water, perhaps not farre regarding Terga. The fresh new people liue a safe and you will charming life; toward mountaine try impregnable, and you can

New populace of the towns of the plus the foresaid mountaines, was free of most of the tax and tribute, bicause it serue vnder its captaine also to have horsemen since having footemen

aboundeth with all of kinde from graine, none are they constrained to spend one tribute at all. They haue in addition an effective plentie away from oliues and drink ; and their surface was exceeding fruitfull, particularly vpon the side of your mountaine. Their women partly keepe goates, and partially till the surface.164 Regarding mount Seusaoen. Let me reveal no mountaine throughout Africa to possess charming situation equivalent compared to that : hereon standeth an effective towne populated with kinde away from artificers and you can merchants. That it Sidi Heli introduced certain ciuilitie toward which mountaine, rebelled from the queen of Fez, and you will maintained continuall warre up against the Portugals. Corne heere groweth brief store, but higher plentie regarding flaxe. You will find higher trees, and lots of fountaines vpon which slope: while the people wade most of the decently apparelled.165

Their mountaine is very steepe, and of a great woonderfull level, outside of the foote whereof spring certaine riuers. Vines and you will figges listed below are higher store, but no corne whatsoever: together with people weare most ft attire. They haue wealth from goats, & oxen out of so little a prominence, you to men would grab these to getting calues of 1 / 2 of a yeere olde. Euery weeke it haue a market, becoming supplied with not too many commodities. Hither doe new merchants from Fez lodge, plus the muletters otherwise providers, and this conueie fruits from this mountaine vnto Fez. In times past it absolutely was subiect vnto a certaine prince away from the latest queen away from Fez pussysaga for pc his

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