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Jay Dangerous against Jerry Lynn against Kaz

Jay Dangerous against Jerry Lynn against Kaz

Into the Cage- Jim Cornette/Christian Crate/Kurt Direction Interview-Jim Cornette established a deadly Lockdown match in the LOCKDOWN with organizations captained because of the Religious Crate & Kurt Position . Into the Cage- A great.J. Styles/Rhino Interview. LAX /Alex Shelley int, Borash/Sabin/Backlund int. Religious Crate & An effective.J. Appearance int- AJ is on Cages Lockdown Team. Alex Shelley & LAX vs Group step three-D. Raven & Serotonin Sector. Borash/Eric Younger/Robert Roode int. Christian Cage/Good.J. Styles/Abyss/Sting/Jim Cornette.

Jeremy Borash & Kevin Nash & Jay Dangerous + Sonjay Dutt + Eric Young + Robert Roode + James Storm int Robert Roode & Jackie Moore w/Tracy Brooks versus Petey Williams & Gail Kim LAX & Cousin Runt + Class step three-D interview- They Capture Runt having a great Stun-weapon A good

Kurt Angle Int Kurt Direction, Samoa Joe, and you will Rhino compared to. Serotonin AJ Appearances/Christian Int, Sting/Abyss Int Party three dimensional/Lax Interview- Dudleys show all their gear reproductions out-of earlier in the day championships. Bob Backlund/Jim Cornette Int Eric Younger compared to. Austin Starr Jerry Lynn/Christopher Daniels Portion, Chris Harris/Jim Cornette Int Miss Tennesse/Gail Kim Brawl Christian and you may AJ Looks versus. Sting and you will Abyss

Bob Backlund is actually in this new arena workouts from inside the entire step one-hour program.. Sting/James Mitchell int- They have dinner to fairly share Abyss. six Man Removing Cage Suits- Alex Shelley against Shark Boy against Jerry Lynn vs Austin Starr charlotte sugar daddy websites vs Petey Williams compared to Sonjay Dutt. Tomko + Religious Crate int. People Cage + Abyss w/Father James Mitchell + Tomko + Team Direction interviews. Group Direction Int. James Violent storm w/Jacqueline Moore compared to Eric Young. .

Class Crate int. 8 Kilometer Highway Battle- Rhino against Tomko. Jim Cornette’s workplace w/ stars int, Class Crate int. Voodoo Kin Mafia against LAX . Team Position int. Kevin Nash provided Jay Fatal a great “Manly Kid” outfit and you will offered Sonjay Dutt his dated “Oz” costume out of WCW. Kurt Perspective int.. Articles Meets- Austin Starr compared to Senshi. SIT-Off Interviews: Mike Tenay & Steve Bordon aka Sting. Cluster Meeting- Jim Cornette and the TNA Roster + Christian Crate + Pain!.

Class Crate int, Tenay questioned Voodoo Kin Mafia and Christy Hemme (out-of parece Mitchell

LAX Int People Perspective interviews The fresh Black Machismo (Jay Dangerous) versus Chris Sabin Team Cage int. J. Looks vs Samoa Joe

Tenay/Jerrett/Angle/Pain Interviews Scott Steiner & Good.J. Appearance & Tomko & Abyss w/Dad James Mitchell int. Christopher Daniels compared to Samoa Joe versus A great.J. Appearances against Rhino Kurt Position int. Robert Roode (w/Tracy Brooks & Eric Younger) vs “Wildcat” Chris Harris w/Gail Kim Mitchell/Abyss int Clips Plan: Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley & Brand new Black Machismo + Sonjay Dutt NWA Level Headings- People step 3-D (Brothers Beam & Devon) compared to Religious Crate & Abyss Dad James Mitchell & Abyss + Religious Crate & Scott Steiner & An effective.J. Styles & Tomko Interview

Pain versus. Kurt Perspective- Class Christian relates to attack Perspective ultimately causing good DQ. Exactly how lame. Christian/AJ Appearance Int Suicidal Stampede Fits- Won by Jay Fatal. Robert Roode/Eric Younger/Ms. Brooks Phase- Just whether it looks like Roode and his awesome slut are about to conquer the brand new hell out-of More youthful, Jeff Jarrett happens to be the latest buddy to greatly help Eric Young. Scott Steiner/Tomko Int- Put that it off as one of my favorite comedic interviews, this coming from Steiner. Level People Identity Suits: Scott Steiner and you will Tomko against. People three dimensional Alex Shelley/Bob Backlund Section TNA Title Matches: Sting versus. Christian-

Kurt Perspective/Sting Interviews. Religious Cage Int. Kurt Position/ting/Religious Crate Interviews. Team three dimensional Int. Group 3-D against. Samoa Joe & Rhino. Cage/Appearance int. Robert Roode/Tracy Brooks/Jim Cornette Road Challenge: Gail Kim compared to Jackie Moore Hemme/VKM int. Eye SPY Sector: Way more footage off Chris Sabin wrestling that have Bob Backlund within good societal playground Kurt Position & Pain against Christian Crate & Good.J. Styles

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