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Art/Culture: Born inside Paris when you look at the 1840, a president French Impressionism; his Perception, soleil levant [[Impact, Sunrise) names the newest path

Art/Culture: Born inside Paris when you look at the 1840, a president French Impressionism; his Perception, soleil levant [[Impact, Sunrise) names the newest path

P1. “Colour is my personal time-long fixation, pleasure and torment.“ Hint: Inside 1883, he purchased a home and you can assets within the Giverny, including lakes. A good. Pierre-Auguste Renoir B. Paul Czanne C. Henri Rousseau D. Claude Monet

Sports: Waterbury, CT, in 1929, 17-season career as the Yellow Sox centerfielder, 2x All-Star; champ out-of a couple Silver Gloves; known for his antics for example circling this new angles in reverse immediately following striking property work with; struggled which have bipolarism; authored a text regarding it: Worry Strikes aside

P2. Geography: Inside 1971, Mariner nine gets in orbit around just what planet? Hint: Likely nomenclature. Good. Jupiter B. Mars C. Saturn D. Venus

P3. History: Allahabad, Asia, 1889, a leader from Indian versatility; into the 1947, India’s earliest PM, kept very until his passing into the 1964; nickname “Pandit”. “That you do not change the course of records by-turning the new faces away from portraits to your wall structure.” Hint: a piece of clothing named once him. A good. Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Mahatma Gandhi C. Jawahariak Nehru D. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

4. Lang: Edinburgh, 1919, poet, professor, noted for his laughs easy code. “Should your student keeps poetry inside her or him, supply her or him help is such as for example offering a great propeller to help you good bird.” Hint: Conquest A great. Norman MacCaig B. Hugh MacDaniarmid C. George Bruce D. W. S. Graham

P5. Lit: Sweden, 1907, a youngsters’ author a whole lot more interpreted to your almost every other dialects than any most other but Hans Christian Andersen https://www.hookupfornight.com/gay-hookup-apps This new Brothers Grimm. She’s most famous for her stories on Pippi Longstocking and Emil of Lnneberga. Hint: 1954 Judy Garland film [[Esther Blodgett heroine.) A beneficial. Lois Lowry B. Astrid Lingren C. Madeline L’Engle D. Tove Jansson

P6. Music/Dance: Produced in Brooklyn in 1900, he had been identified in his senior years once the “New Dean out of American Composers”, providing us with such popular really works once the Billy the little one, Rodeo, and you may Fanfare to the Common Child. His most famous works, Appalachian Spring, try commissioned by erican ballet.” Hint: 1997 step movie that have Stallone De Niro. Good. Aaron Copland B. George Gershwin C. Charles Ives D. Irving Berlin

P7. People: Brooklyn, 1907, cartoonist and you will illustrator towards the The latest Yorker, children’s guide illustrator and you may publisher, Sylvester and also the Wonders Pebble. Hint: They are as well as the creator out-of Shrek. Hint: Boy is actually good jazz flutist. An excellent. Bernard Schoenbaum B. Bernard Kliban C. Peter Arno D. William Steig

P8. Potluck: Produced inside Nyc when you look at the 1945, he had been the movie publisher to possess for example classics just like the Superstar Conflicts, Ferris Bueller’s Go out Out-of, Carrie, and you will Inexpensive Magnolias. A. Michael Kahn B. Peter Zinner C. Paul Hirsch D. Hugh Fowler

P9. Quotes: Toledo, 1947, political satirist, journalist, Parliament of Whores. 1. Never fight an inanimate object. 2. Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. 3. If government were a product, selling it would be illegal. 4. Never wear anything that panics the cat. A. David Sedaris B. Trey Parker C. P.J. O’Rourke D. Stephen Colbert Hint: With feet.

P10. Sci/Tech: Absolutely nothing Britain, PA, 1765, scientist/maker created this new Claremont, step one st officially winning steamboat, and that ran ranging from Albany and Ny. Hint: Skeptics had known it their folly. A great. John Deere B. Robert Fulton C. James Watt D. Eli Whitney

Hint: Pleasant input Pennsylvania

P11. Hint: Popular plowman. A. Gary Geiger B. Jimmy Piersall C. Tony Conigliaro D. Jackie Jensen P12. Stage/Screen: Norma, Illinois, in 1927, he was Meters*A*S*H’s adorable, loopy Colonel Henry Blake. Hint: he had been another relative to help you a prominent Illinois governmental figure. An excellent. McLean Stevenson B. Jamie Farr C. Harry Morgan D. Mike Farrell

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