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Hint: CT Senator brought reasonable from the weapon lobby

Hint: CT Senator brought reasonable from the weapon lobby

8. Potluck: Cincinnati, 1910, hosted The Mouseketeers? A. Jimmy Dodd B. Mister Rogers C. Buffalo Bob Smith D. Bob Emery Hint: Rhymes with Liz X.


P9. Quotes: Paris, 1844, Oscar Wilde believed to the girl, “Do you brain basically smoke?” She replied, “I don’t proper care for many who burn.” Hint: Intimate actress correct so you can their marquis asking.” A great. Isadora Duncan B. Greta Garbo C. Sarah Bernhardt D. Lillian Russell

10. Sci/Tech: For individuals who removed every room between all the atoms you to make up our planet that which you involved, you would features a baseball that could fit in to the good/an enthusiastic exactly what? Hint: Offed because of the enthralling Orenthal. A beneficial. Pea B. Grape C. Tangerine D. Cantaloupe

P11. Sports: Sudlersville, MD, 1907. step 1 st baseman to your Philadelphia Recreation Purple Sox, striking 31 or higher homeruns for the several successive seasons, ending up having 534, an existence .325 mediocre. Claimed this new triple crown during the 1933. Hint: Roald Dahl envision he was big! A beneficial. Jimmy Foxx B. Hank Greenberg C. Lou Gehrig D. Willie McCovey

P12. Screen: Utica, New york, 1942, she was how come 14 yr old people remained watching the fresh new Mickey Mouse Club during the early 1950s. Hint: Pablo’s most useful hit-bump laugh. A beneficial. Annette Funicello B. Darlene Gillespie C. Doreen Tracey D. Sherry Alberoni

P13. Most Borrowing from the bank: Of 114 Nobel Honours to possess literature, how many have gone to women? An effective. Seven B. 11 C. 13 D. Twenty-9 Clue: Triskaidekaphobia

Art/Culture: Produced from inside the Kent, United kingdom, for the 1844, he had been Britain’s poet laureate away from 1913 so you can 1930. He befriended Gerard Manly Hopkins making sure his poetry spotted the latest light out of big date. He translated towards the English the most popular hymn Jesu, Glee off People’s Wishing. Clue Guinness/Holden military film best hookup apps for iphone 2021. A beneficial. Alfred Lord Tennyson B. Jon Masefield C. Robert Bridges D. Robert Southey

P2. Geography: Born in the 1503, Isabella from Portugal was married so you’re able to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, hence produced the woman new Holy Roma Empress, King of one’s Germans, King Consort away from Spain and you can Italy. As to what country performed she already been? Hint: What exactly is this, a world trick matter?! A great. Germany B. France C. Italy D. Portugal

P3. History/Politics: Born inside the Christian Condition, Kentucky, within the 1835, the guy supported as Grover Cleveland’s vice president away from 1893 in order to 1897. Into the 1900, he went once more to have vice president, but with a separate powering mate [[a first in america), but did not do it well. Hint: Jennings Bryant B. Charles W. Fairbanks C. Charles Grams. Dawes D. Adlai Stevenson

cuatro. Lang: Newark, 1949, writer, biographer, novelist, poet, had written Hellfire, about Jerry Lee Lewis; Running Brick rates it the best stone letter- move biography previously. “An amazing track, for me, try a tune you could dance so you’re able to, that summons upwards certain dark and you can deeper mystery.” Hint: Blade battle language? A. Everett True B. Nick Tosches C. Robert Christgau D. Bob Guccione

P5. Lit: Chicago, 1942, sold over 200 million books in sci-fi, techno-thrillers, medical fiction; only creative artist to top charts simultaneously in tv [[ER), film [[Jurassic Park), and books [[Disclosure). A. Frank Herbert B. Robert Heinlein C. Arthur C. Clarke D. Michael Crichton Hint: Boat ashore

P6. Music: For the 1963, Dylan information track that includes: “Been editors and you can experts / Which prophesize along with your pencil / And keep your own sight wider / The risk would not come once more.” Title is sold with what word? A good. Minutes B. Tambourine C. Piece of cake D. Twice

She passionate Paul Anka’s Dog Like

P7. People: Baltimore, 1962, Heisman champ at Boston University. Facing Miami, group shedding, 6 seconds leftover with the clock, the guy throws “Brand new Citation”, a beneficial 52-yarder, an effective “Hail e. Continued in order to NFL and you can CFL victory. Hint: Even Mozart could have praised therefore phenomenal the second. An effective. Paul Hornug B. Roger Staubach C. Doug Flutie D. Jim Plunket

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