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Sports: Oakland, 1954, one of two Major league pitchers for a beneficial 20-victory seasons and a beneficial fifty-save season

Sports: Oakland, 1954, one of two Major league pitchers for a beneficial 20-victory seasons and a beneficial fifty-save season

P11. To play into Indians, Purple Sox, Cubs, Sport, and Cardinals, acquired 197 games, 3.fifty Point in time, and you will compiled 390 preserves and you may dos,401 SOs. Hint: Mustache, although not handlebar. A good. Dan Quisenberry B. Dennis Eckersley C. Penis Radatz D. Rollie Hands

P13. More Borrowing from the bank: Turkeytown, AL, 1790, Cherokee mommy, Scottish dad, Koowisguwe [[“Little White Bird”), bi-lingual, bi-social, Master, the Moses out-of his anyone. Hint: Find out if individuals salutes him. An excellent. Statement John Baker B. John Ross C. Tom Cole D. Charles Eastman

Sarah Fisher D

P1. Art/Culture: Born for the Gruchy, Normandy, for the 1814, an artist well-known for their practical farm moments, for instance have a glance at this web-site the Gleaners as well as the Child that have good Hoe, throughout the and that Edwin ous poem: “Bowed by lbs from centuries he leans /Abreast of their hoe and you may gazes on the ground, / The brand new condition of years in his deal with, /And on his back, the burden worldwide.” Hint: Sexy Kate. An excellent. Gustave Courbet B. Honor Daumier C. Jean-Lon Grme D. Jean-Francois Millet

P2. Geo: The first run of the Orient Express occurred on this day in 1883 from Paris to where? A. Budapest B. Constantinople C. Prague D. Damascus Hint: As the Northern Star.

P3. History: Delaware, Ohio, 1822, 19 th U. S. Chairman beaten uel J. Tilden, in the closest election actually. Tilden got popular ballots, but not sufficient electoral votes. He concluded Repair and you may came back the Southern to household laws. Ranked during the step 3 rd quartile. Hint: Nellybelle, a beneficial Jeep. A beneficial. Chester A. Arthur B. James Garfield C. Rutherford B. Hayes D. Andrew Johnson

Thrse Martin C

cuatro. Lang: New york, 1924, kids’ blogger, brand new Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries. Hint: Gray wolf trots back into Mexico An effective. Thorton Burgess B. Donald J. Sobol C. Michael Ende D. E Kay

P5. Lit: Manhattan, Ohio, 1880, he blogged towards examples and you may tribulations of Broadway as well as the underworld, with such as characters once the “Harry the fresh new Horse” and you will “The brand new Seldom Viewed Kid”. The guy authored into the Ny Street vocabulary, and his kind of writing today contains their identity. Males and Dolls are a keen adaption off his Idyll away from Miss Sarah Brownish. Clue #1: rhymes along with your sore feet. Hint #2: A Commonly. An effective. Jimmy Breslin B. O. Henry C. Band Lardner D. Damon Runyon

six. Music/Dance: Which Place the Bop regarding the Bop Shoo Bop? Clue #1: Nebraska Hint #2: Pluto A. The fresh Drifters B. The Platters C. The latest Chantels D. The new Comets

P7. People: Columbus, Ohio, 1980, been trained in 9 Indianapolis five hundred racing, once beginning in the fresh new rod reputation; the woman most useful finish 17 th . Their basic guide is called Something Girls Desire to It Knew in advance of Bringing Behind the wheel of the Fantasy Work. Hint: Just what God told Simon and Peter however make certain they are. An effective. Janet Guthrie B. Danica Patrick C. Lyn St. James

P8. Potluck: Canon, Nyc, 1861, studied ways on Yale and you will went so you can paint and sculpt the newest “Ol’ West” whether or not it was still brand new Ol’ Western. Working cowboys, Indians, Mule Instruct Crossing the brand new Sierras, majestic high-scale surface, capturing a now forgotten time. Hint: Penetrate Brosnan MTM silliness. A great. Frederic Remington B. Charles Yards. Russell C. George Phippen D. Frank Albert Rinehart

P9. Quotes: Wilmette, IL, 1923, actor devolved for the NRA firearm freak. “I’ve played around three presidents, about three saints as well as 2 geniuses-that will be probably enough for all the boy.” Hint: Bull Rushes. A. Anthony Hopkins B. Spencer Tracy C. Charlton Heston D. James Stewart

P10. Sci/Tech: Auverne, France, 1625, an excellent nun whom translated this lady famous mathematician brother to Jansenism, an old-fashioned theological movement that was big toward brand new sin, peoples depravity, in addition to demand for divine sophistication. Idea #1: Rhymes having one of Wally’s household members. Clue #2: CIT grad. Good. Jacqueline Pascal B. Margaret Mary Alacoque D. Jeanne Descartes

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