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Or: the one where they fall-in love in the a good bakery and you can Yoongi turns out composing a tune about this

Or: the one where they fall-in love in the a good bakery and you can Yoongi turns out composing a tune about this

Yoongi was good tormented artwork big whom shows often terror, anxiety, or euphoria and Hoseok is actually a photos college student exactly who thinks the business closes just in case Yoongi humor. Each goes toward the second first-go out and it’s not too bad given their background.

Yoongi is on the fresh brink away from dropping that which you as he takes up the offer away from yet another roommate which strolls during the with a smile which is too big and you may a laugh that’s also loud.

(Or: exactly how yoongi can paint from the sundown on the vision of hoseok’s laugh, and you may the color throughout the remaining globe toward sound regarding their laughter.)

hoseok works within a little florist shop. yoongi really works at the a small tattoo and you will sharp parlour. for some reason its paths cross and fall-in like. or something like that.

Yoongi has been visiting the same restaurant everyday for over a year now. The guy features everything about his early morning techniques up until Hoseok turns up and you will turns that which you upside-down. (Where Hoseok is actually an effective barista and Yoongi is actually a good salty little shit)

In which Yoongi possess a cafe or restaurant that is a date sexy-room and he try single and you will salty whatsoever this new partners streaming towards his restaurant on a daily basis. And possibly a person who produces your a bit less salty during the the conclusion also.

Java commands should probably have a phrase limitation. Until it provides Hoseok another reason to talk to Yoongi, however.

Yoongi takes a pointed action in reverse and glares at the “Hobi”. “Just what fuck kind of name’s that,” he says, “and do not touch me.”

Yoongi’s only seeking to day this new it is possible to passion for his lifestyle, Jung Hoseok

Namjoon produces a funny appears. Yoongi ignores they for the sake of eviscerating “Hobi” together with look. It seems getting weirdly ineffective.

Yoongi are rented be effective Technology Service and you may Coverage to own Jung Corp and you will it’d genuinely become very cool whether or not it wasn’t for this obnoxiously good looking dude whose lives goal it seems to help you become in order to irritate Yoongi up to the guy vacations.

Which have invested good five years out-of his life hopping from one fandom to some other, Hoseok desires think that he could be highly knowledgeable at exactly what he do. The truth is, Polish is a thing out-of an exception.

Things in the Yoongi have Hoseok feeling for example they are good, eg he’ll become okay. It could be nostalgia. Or it will be that he just feels aware of Yoongi.

this new “you desire a plus-you to for the sister’s marriage therefore i’m going since the a support but there is however become a misconception and today the family thinks the audience is relationships” bien au

i know i am younger, however, if i’d to choose [him] and/or sun / i would getting you to nocturnal kid of a tool (a series of non-linear snapshot residential bien au drabbles. will be heavy for the nonsense and you may porn. i might apologize, however, i am not saying you to sorry.)

“Sure you had been, hyung,” told you Hoseok away from Jungkook’s contrary. “It’s ok even when, Everyone loves it when you view myself this way.”

Not only that, however, somewhere along the way he has himself a couple gay regulars that won’t disappear

Of course Yoongi only knew, Hoseok are their, he had been their before big date the sunlight sets in new east and you can rises from the western. Only if Yoongi you will definitely say they without his knob getting pushed strong into Hoseok meanwhile, then he perform remember that Hoseok’s respond to do all be the same, actually under other affairs.

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